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About Kiki’s
Welcome to KiKi’s Café, where every delightful moment is steeped in deliciousness. Whether you’re looking for a morning pick-me-up, a leisurely brunch, or a cozy coffee date with friends, Kiki’s is the perfect destination.

Come see our delicious new menu, made in collaboration with Chef Aaron Johnson (@chefathome_). From tasty Turkish eggs to mouthwatering beef burgers, our new menu will not disappoint.

Work away from home
KiKi’s Café provides a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere with plenty of light, and a calm ambiance. A perfect spot to help you focus and be productive.

Free Wi-Fi
We have high-speed internet access, ensuring that you can stay connected and work efficiently.

Charging stations
You’ll have access to convenient charging stations, so you can keep your devices powered up throughout your work session. You won’t have to worry about your laptop or phone running out of battery.

Introducing Faizan Naseem, a dedicated dentist and partner at KiKi’s Café. Faizan has a passion for promoting oral health and overall well-being. He is happily married to his wife, Sana, and together they prioritise a healthy and active lifestyle.

Kiki’s Café was named after Faizan’s niece, Kiki (Kira). As he began journey of opening a café, he wanted to infuse it with a personal touch and a sense of family. Inspired by the love and joy that Kiki brings to their lives.

Meet Shaz Naseem, Faizan’s father, and also a dentist and partner at KiKi’s Café. Shaz is a loving husband to Ruby and a proud father of three children, and grandfather to three grandchildren. Shaz has a love for traveling, and both watching and playing his favourite sport, cricket.

Together with his wife, Ruby, Shaz also runs a dental practice in Milton Keynes called Dental Works, located next door to Kiki’s.

A loving wife, mother, grandmother, and entrepreneur. Ruby’s passion for food and hospitality led her to establish Kiki’s Café, where she delights in creating delicious menus and providing a warm and welcoming environment. Ruby’s love for travel knows no bounds. She enjoys exploring new destinations, immersing herself in different cultures, and of course, indulging in the local cuisine.

Aaron Johnson

Aaron has over 15 years of kitchen experience having worked in fine dining establishments in Australia, has been Head Chef at The Carrington Arms in Moulsoe, Robinson’s in Newport Pagnell and The Chester Arms in Chicheley. before moving into corporate hospitality where he worked as head chef for Mercedes Benz.

Aaron now runs his own catering company ‘Chef Hat Home’ where he offers private dining in people homes, wedding catering, corporate events and gala dinners.

He also hosts ‘pop up supper clubs’ in Milton Keynes throughout the year which are extremely popular, so keep your eye out for more events like this.

Aaron has created our unique mouthwatering menus which will take your dining experience at Kiki’s Café to the next level.

This is the beginning of a collaboration in which Aaron, with all his experience and skills, will bring an innovative dining experience to Kiki’s Café. Anyone visiting Kiki’s Café will be indulging in Aaron’s unique style and exceptional flavours.

So look out for regular updates and announcements on our pages where we will be posting about events and menu updates with limited time dishes.